Our Mission:

Community stakeholders along with Camp fYrefly founders have joined together in a province-wide initiative to identify the needs of gender and sexually diverse youth and develop the resources required to implement a Saskatchewan-based camp.


Camp fYrefly-Saskatchewan is dedicated to the guiding principle of helping gender and sexually diverse youth move from being "at-risk" to a place where they can be resilient and positively address the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood. The camp is designed to help youth develop the leadership skills and resiliency necessary for them to become change agents in their schools, families, and communities.


Our History:


Camp fYrefly was founded in 2004 as a university-community educational project by Dr. André P. Grace and Mr. Kristopher Wells of the Faculty of Education, University of Alberta.


A partnership with the Faculty of Education, University of Regina and the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan in 2008 formed committees of dedicated volunteers led by Anthony Bidulka and Herb McFaull and created the now-realized goal of bringing Camp fYrefly to Saskatchewan.


In 2017, a partnership with OUTSaskatoon, a 2SLGBTQ+ community based organization that provides support, education, social events, and sexual health services, was established. This partnership enables links between Camp fYrefly and year round youth education and programming to exist within Saskatchewan.

In 2019, OUTSaskatoon partnered with UR Pride, a similar 2SLGBTQ+ community based organization in Regina to form a large team to plan and organize camp. 

Our resource team includes adult educators, school teachers, artists, musicians, business professionals, psychologists, dramatists, dancers, writers, law enforcement officers, clergy, politicians, community volunteers, and queer cultural workers.


Camp philosophy and programming also emphasizes a by-youth-for-youth approach in which older youth and adult facilitators mentor and help to support younger youth. In the spirit of advancing youth leadership, a youth advisory committee guides the development and delivery of our wide-ranging camp leadership-and-learning program.

Camp fYrefly-Saskatchewan would not be possible without the tremendous support of many individual and corporate sponsors and volunteers who donate their time, talent, and financial support to help make the camp a much needed reality for gender and sexually diverse youth throughout Saskatchewan and Canada.

"Camp has allowed me to be my true self and not have to live my life in the closet."